Couple Gets Engaged at Toronto Antiques on King

Warning: the following is not for those who cry during romantic comedies.

Listen up all you princes and princesses-in-training, here is a story about how to get it done. “It” being the proposal and “done” being the anticipated acceptance. After Aizick treated her to a mani-pedi, Jen couldn’t find Aizick anywhere in their home.  Instead, she was home alone with a puzzle piece. A lover of games, and especially scavenger hunts, Jen followed the clues all over Toronto, including Mountain Equipment Co-op, to look for “rocks.” At Mountain Equipment she found an employee who was expecting her, a green balloon and a gift certificate, but no rocks.

Finally her clues led her to the Cynthia Findlay Collection at Toronto Antiques on King for a very precious kind of rock. Here, Jen spotted another green balloon with a toblerone bar and a note that said “turn around.”  By the time she had done a full turn, Aizick was on his knees and Jen was in tears. (Ahem…Jen wasn’t the only one in tears…).

Like a beautiful butter cream icing on top of the best cake you’ve ever had, Aizick then treated Jen to a stunning sapphire and diamond engagement ring from the Cynthia Findlay Collection and the couple lived happily ever after.

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