From Ochi to Sochi (with a little bit of Toronto in the middle)

We made a new friend who’s going places. Like most good influences, he is bringing a whole team with him. Cliff Johnson is the manager of the Jamaica Ski Team and he is bent, bound and determined that a member from his team will be at the 2014 Russian Olympics. The name of his campaign? “From Ochi to Sochi.” Ochi is the small town where the team is from in Jamaica and Sochi is the future home of the 2014 olympics in Russia. Cliff was planning on launching a media campaign to raise money for his team but he needed the perfect prop. Enter Toronto Antiques on King and our stunning, authentic Russian Military Hats. Even more exciting, with enough sponsorship, Cliff hopes to outfit his whole team in these hats. These hats come in blue, black, white and red and are part of a larger collection of contemporary Russian millitaria. They cost $39.99 each and the team needs eleven hats. If you would like to sponsor the Jamaican Ski team by gifting them a hat call Toronto Antiques on King and we will make sure a hat gets to Cliff.  When you see Cliff and his entourage running around Toronto between media stints, compliment their hats and tell them you are looking forward to seeing them at the olymics.

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