Sarah Richardson’s Dining Room

Sarah Richardson’s latest Decor column in the Globe and Mail dares the home decorator to ‘inject some spirit’ into their dining rooms. Traditionally, Richardson argues, dining rooms  are museums for stuffy, formal decor. Instead, Richardson designed this eye-catching dining room, full of “youthful energy,” suitable for both dinner parties and informal family gatherings. Richardson’s beautiful dining room is proof that your dining room can be an eye-catching center for your home.

Image taken from The Blue and Red Vases on the Side Board are excellent examples of West German pottery. We have a large selection of this pottery starting at $100

Particularly inspiring is the way that Richardson uses antiques in her dining room. Richardson’s use of antiques prove that they need not be inherently formal, nor associated with an bygone era.  You can use antiques as a fun accents for an old-meets-new design flair. Richardson bought the funky west-German retro pottery vases from Cynthia Findlay Antiques.

The proof of the pudding, however, is in the eating. Come in and pick up one of these colourful pieces of pottery (which range in price from $100-500) and watch how a few well-placed pieces can transform your dining room from stuffy to fun, from traditional to retro.

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