International Week of Clowning, Laughter and Health Care

This week is the International Week of Clowning, Laughter and Health Care. Welcome to all the medical clowns gathering at The Miles Nadal Jewish Community Centre for the workshops going on all week to promote the use of laughter therapy in health care.  It is scientifically proven that laughter improves the health of patients.  Laughter reduces stress levels, blood pressure and improves quality of life!

We think some of these comical and joyous pieces can’t help but bring a smile to our faces here at Toronto Antiques on King.  These Italian 1950s coloured glass decanters celebrate their absurdity with their wide grins and loud colours.  These classic Royal Doulton figurines and jug evoke memories of jovial clowns from fairs and circuses.  The subdued colours of this Lladro figurine remind us that clowning can be serious too.  To all the doctors out there practicing clowning, nothing is more serious than saving lives through laughter!

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