Good Luck Alex and Luke!

On March 20th Alex Sabine, a former employee and friend of the Toronto Antiques on King team, is embarking on an exciting adventure that involves using the power of social media to enable an exploration of North America.

Equipped with a small car, a trunk load of equipment and a website, Alex and her best friend Luke will attempt to travel through every province, state, and territory without any preconceived idea of what they will see, what they will do, where they will stay, or even where they will go!

They are using their follower’s on Twitter (@alexandluke), Facebook (, YouTube, and Gowalla as their compass and guidebook inviting them to make suggestions and vote on all major aspects of the trip.

We are very excited about this project, and proud to know that Alex’s roots in social media began right here at Toronto Antiques on King.

Follow along with the alexandluke experiment at!

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