The Hot New Movie Red with Bruce Willis Features Antique Props From Our Store



The staff at Toronto Antiques on King moonlight as movie enthusiasts. You can imagine we are all a bit excitable as we anticipate the opening of Red, starring Helen Mirren, Bruce Willis, Morgan Freeman, and John Malkovich. Aside from the thrilling prospect of Helen Mirren playing a killer, we have reason to be even more excited about this movie then any other. Red rented a Royal Crown Derby dinner set from Toronto Antiques on King, which features prominently in the movie and which you can even see in the movie’s trailer.

The Royal Crown Derby factory began in 1756 under a different name. We have Robert Bloor to thank for the company’s most illustrious pattern, Imari. In spite of heavy debt, Bloor, the company’s former sales clerk,  took over the company in 1815. Inspired by Japanese art, Bloor designed the Imari pattern using rich blue, red and gold colours in elaborate designs. At Toronto Antiques on King we have a vast collection of this luxurious china. This is also the pattern that was rented for Red, giving the pattern another source of fame—not that it needs it. In an age of downsizing and disposable dinnerware Imari still enjoys immense popularity. We have everything that Red rented up on our website, check it out—you could have Helen Mirren’s teapot!

Royal Crown Derby Imari Tea Set

Royal Crown Derby Imari Bowl and Plate with Ladle

Royal Crown Derby Imari Chocolate Pot and Cup and Saucer Set with Teaspoon


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