Breakfast Television Star is Wearing our Jewellery on Monday October 25th!

When the holiday’s come Toronto Antiques on King gets ready for a happy onslaught of clients looking for jewellery that sparkles. Gone is the fabulous chunky-plastic summer jewellery and out comes the glamourous glitz. One of the best ways to sparkle at the holiday parties is to put on some vintage costume jewellery. Perhaps this is why Judith MillerĀ  borrowed some vintage Sherman accessories from Toronto Antiques on King to wear on Breakfast Television on Monday October 25th. Costume Jewellery originated as a way to have the impact of a diamond at a fraction of the cost. Over the years however, costume jewellery has become important in its own right. Nobody knows the intrinsic value of vintage jewellery better than Judith Miller, who is appearing on Breakfast television to promote her new book on costume jewellery. Toronto Antiques on King is so thrilled that she chose pieces from our collection to help her celebrate her book release. Look for her between 7am and 9am on Monday, October 25th!

To shop our online selection of either Sherman or Stanley Hagler Jewelery click this link and for a much larger selection please visit our store.

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