McCain Family Donates $1 million to the Metropolitan Community Church: and other “small world” musings

Growing up in New Brunswick, I knew the McCain family well. Aside from my mother’s hand-cut french fries, McCain frozen fries were my absolute favourite snack. When I married my boyfriend, best friend and future business partner, we were honoured that Margaret McCain agreed to play the organ at our wedding. New Brunswick is a small world, but so is my new home of thirty-five years, Toronto. Toronto feels the McCain family’s generosity just as much as New Brunswick does.

I want to extend a big congratulations to Wallace and Margaret McCain for their generous donation to the Metropolitan Community Church, Toronto’s premier gay-rights church. This donation coincides with the 10th anniversary of a controversial same-sex wedding ceremony at the Metropolitan Community Church. Just as Margaret made my wedding special, so will this donation continue to make meaningful and special moments for members the Metropolitan.

A special contribution from Cynthia Findlay, owner of Toronto Antiques on King

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