Cash’s Darling: Johnny Cash impersonator’s wife visits Toronto Antiques on King!

Shawn Barker may steal the show as Johnny Cash in The Man in Black, but his wife, Sara Marcoux, stole our eyes. The Toronto Antiques on King staff were going about our regular Friday afternoon activities when in walked a vision from another era. Marcoux had a beautifully quaffed hair do, a perfect face, and a fashion sense that would put Betty Draper to shame. While Barker was upstairs with Mirvish Productions,  Marcoux was admiring jewellery–a nice deal, I’d say.  She graciously agreed to model some of our diamond earrings. Her poise was unflappable and her air unassuming. Originally from Montreal, Marcoux says that soon she and Barker will move to New York  and bring Cash to Broadway. Get ready New York, the belle of the ball is coming to town.

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