House and Home ‘Makeovers’ Contest

Whenever we rent props to design magazines we are both excited and a tad confused. Decor magazines tend to do things waaaaay in advance. For example, last November House & Home magazine was renting stuff for their Christmas issue, “leaving it to the last minute” we all thought, until they told us it was the Christmas 2011 issue. In the middle of January a stylist will come in and rent props for a summer edition and after an hour of talking about summer colours and recipes I invariably feel a bit of culture shock when I have to realize, again, that it is still January. If these time warps are hard on me, think about the stylists, writers and designers at House & Home! I am in awe of their flexibility in time and space.

So, when House and Home stylists rented props for this coming August issue last month it was business as usual. Below are shots of everything they rented. Now we wait in anticipation until August to see what they used and how they used it. It’s very exciting. How do you think they used the props below? How did this inventory work their ways into design stories?

We’re going to hold a contest for all our followers: The person who correctly guesses what props House &Home ultimately uses in their the issue (appearing in the August 2011 “Makeovers” Special Issue Publication) will win a year long subscription to House and Home.

How’s that for a teaser?

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