Modern Fairy Tale

I wasn’t in the store when Kate and Kyle first came to shop. I was at an early-morning social media marketing workshop. After a morning of discussing SEO and ROI, I wearily walked into Toronto Antiques on King, latte in hand, and I quickly noticed that I had walked into a modern, real-life fairy tale. There weren’t any pumpkins-turned-carriages but Kate and Kyle’s quiet happiness had subtly turned the whole store into a place where good things happen to good people, where dreams really do come true, and where people live happily after after.


Kate’s ring on her finger

Traveling from Calgary, Kyle brought Kate to see the Cynthia Findlay’s collection of vintage diamond engagement rings. Kate found a ring that she loved and then Kate and Kyle went to have lunch.  I could never replicate Kate’s whit or personable nature so I’ll just give you the abridged version: Kate and Kyle sat down and ordered. An avid foodie eager to dig into her bowl mussels, it was strange to Kate when Kyle excused himself to the bathroom for 15 minutes. Where did he Go?… Kyle ran into Toronto Antiques on King and breathlessly said “you know why I’m here,” and then, “She thinks I’m in the bathroom.” I packaged Kate’s ring as fast as I could and Kyle ran (literally) back to lunch.


Kate in her Kitchen

They got engaged the following evening and once upon a time in a land far-far away, Kate and Kyle lived happily ever after.

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