The Making of a Christmas Card

One of the freelance stylists who rents props from Toronto Antiques on King, Carolyn Souch, agreed to send us some “in action” shots of the making of her Christmas card. These pictures remove the smoke and mirrors from styling to reveal the ticks and talents of the trade. (So that’s how they get the duck so brown!?) Most of the props used in this shoot, including the blue and white platter, come from Toronto Antiques on King.

“This is how we ‘ruff’ in teh shot. The food is called a stand in and is not the finihed product. The ‘stand in’ food helps the photographer get an idea of how the shot will look.

“More set up shots. In the back you can see the screen which shows the framing of the shot.”

“Camera view of rough”

“The food stylists cook the duck then browns it with a heat gun to give it an even brown tone”

“Beautiful Duck L’orange”

“Food stylist spraying food with water to give it a bit of shine”

“Beautiful French cheese and charcuterie”


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