Chatelaine Borrows Egg Cups

This won’t come as a shock, but we love re-purposing antiques for modern uses. Old biscuit barrels? Great toilet paper holders! An old table celery server? Why not use it for bread sticks? This is why when, Julia, a stylist for Chatelaine, asked to borrow napkin holders to use as egg cups, we were very excited. Using napkin rings as egg cups develops multiple uses for a household item. They also create beautiful centerpieces for the upcoming seasonal festivities. Functional and aesthetic, the perfect combination.

Chatelaine uses napkin rings as egg cups.

Julia also appeared on Monday’s episode of Cityline. She shared many great ideas for natural egg dyeing and used some pretty egg cups that she borrowed from Toronto Antiques on King & the Cynthia Findlay Collection.

Toronto Antiques on King wishes everyone a wonderful weekend of sharing these special moments with friends and family.  Happy Easter and Happy Passover.

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Spring Sale!

To the best clients in the world.

April 1st marked the third anniversary since Toronto Antiques on King and the Cynthia Findlay Collection moved into our newest location. We love our new location, but we are always reminded that buildings don’t make businesses, clients, do. Thank you for being the best customers in the world!

To celebrate this happy anniversary, we are having a 30% off, one-week-only sale on all of our silver plated serving items. Give your table a new look for spring!

Offer valid from April 1-7, 2012 on all dining-related silver plated items.

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Memorial Hair Jewellery

“Hair is at once the most delicate and lasting of our materials, and survives us, like love. It is so light, so gentle, so escaping from the idea of death, that with a lock of hair belonging to a child or friend, we may almost look up to heaven and compare notes with the angelic nature-may almost say, ‘I have a piece of thee here, not unworthy of thy being now.”
The Godey’s Lady’s Book of May 1855

Diamonds made of ashes are only the latest iteration of a history of mourning jewellery that spans back to the 17th century. Queen Victoria was responsible for making mourning jewellery extremely popular after the death of Prince Albert. Mourning jewellery was typically made of jet and often included pictures of the deceased. Also common was jewellery made from the woven hair of the deceased. During the American civil war creating memorial jewellery out of woven hair became quite a popular, if somber, activity.

Some Victorian hair jewellery has lasted this last century and is still available as an example of Queen Victoria’s great romance and sentimentality.

Braided Hair Bracelet

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Style at Home Borrows from Toronto Antiques on King

Fashion week is happening across the street from Toronto Antiques on King, which makes us feel, by osmosis, that we are watching trends as they happen. However, we don’t need to see the goings-on across the street to know that vintage is trending. Antiques are in! Interior decorators have always loved mixing old with new to add depth and intrigue to a design concept. Now popular style gurus such as Jessica Quirk (what I wore) are advocating blending vintage clothes with new pieces.
The April edition of Style at Home shows that antique tones such as soft pinks, gold gilding and brass are trendy in home decor. Style at Home Stylist Jessica Waks borrowed some beautiful vintage pink perfume bottles and a Wedgewood terracotta tea set from the Toronto Antiques on King collection. Waks also appeared on yesterday’s CityLine episode to showcase rose gold, antique tones and our terracotta Wedgewood tea set. Waks said that the current decor trends are “especially good news for antique collectors.”

Teapot and perfume bottle from Toronto Antiques on King

Also with Waks on the table are our gold and pink Florentine boxes, pink perfume bottles and pink depression glass water pitcher. Have a look at the episode here,–march-13-2012

For more vintage finds,

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Our Oscar Jewellery

Like the rest of the audience at the Oscars, the attention of the Toronto Antiques on King staff will be directed forty percent at the awards and sixty percent the wardrobe of our favorite stars. Specifically, we will be ogling the historically spectacular jewellery. To prepare for this year’s Oscars, we have pulled some of our most Oscar-worthy jewellery and matched it with the appropriate star.

While Meryl Streep makes anything near her look good, blue is particularly striking.This important necklace is not only suitable for Meryl Streep, but also for the Iron Lady herself.

Marilyn Monroe made the the song “Diamond are a Girls Best Friend” famous. We think that Michelle Williams would look fabulous in this diamond bow brooch, and we know Monroe would have liked it!

These Edwardian diamond necklaces were popular when motion picture sound was just beginning to be a major innovation (or obstacle, depending on who you asked) in the movie business. Berenice Bejo would wear the scale and delicacy of one of these necklaces beautifully.

Jessica Chastain looks great in her 1950’s wardrobe for The Help. Why not pursue that look with this retro brooch? The bonus is that retro jewellery is immensely popular once more.

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